JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – Jackson Public Schools Superintendent Jeff Beal has been cleared in a harassment investigation, the school confirmed on Wednesday.

Beal was accused of bullying and harassing educators and other employees of the Jackson Public School District.

The allegations were addressed during a public JPS school board meeting on April 19.

The meeting went late into the night on April 19 as former educators shared their stories of alleged harassment by Superintendent Jeff Beal.

The meeting ended with a closed session where board members reviewed the results of the investigation presented by an attorney.

On April 20, the JPS Board of Education released the investigation findings, saying:

“Based on the definition of “harassment” and “bullying” … there is no basis to substantiate the allegation that Superintendent Beal engaged in harassing or bullying behavior,” a document read.

Those who brought up the allegations said they want to see more done with their claims, as well as the ongoing investigation involving a school board member.

“Procure a third neutral party to investigate all claims brought forth during the March meeting and today. There are 12, really 14, victims just after today that we know of,” said Joanna Perkins, a former JPS teacher.

Perkins taught between 1998-2019. She was one of several former educators who brought up allegations of harassment and bullying by Superintendent Beal.

During last month’s Board of Education meeting, a vote was taken to hire an outside law firm to investigate similar claims made by Trustee Kesha Hamilton.

“Personally, what I know what took place with Kesha was pretty intense and him being her boss is kind of indicative of his brazenness that he continues to do this to teachers and principals, and education consultants, HR directors, because he’s in power to do,” said Perkins.

On Tuesday, Perkins said she was worried about the outcome of the first investigation. During public comment, several other former teachers shared their claims.

Others spoke out in support of Beal. One teacher said he helped her handle issues with a travel company at the onset of the pandemic.

“Never once was his tone threatening or intimidating but he was calm cool and collected, while still getting his point across,” said teacher Destiny Davis.

Other community members expressed their support of Superintendant Beal by sharing the benefits of a 2018 bond that passed under his leadership.

“This is the exact reason that as a proud Viking, it makes me upset to sit back and watch unsubstantiated accusations thrown around so easily around,” said Dennis Mitchell, a community member.

Ultimately, Beal was cleared in the investigation.

“Superintendent Beal did warn Trustee Hamilton at the January 18, 2022, post-meeting encounter that if she continued to engage in defamatory action, he would contact his attorney. While it is acknowledged that only Trustee Hamilton knows how she felt at that time and place, there is no basis to conclude that SUperintendent Beal’s statement was intended to inflict pain, injury or damage to Trustee Hamilton. Further, a reasonable person would not construe the warning of contacting his attorney as a threat to inflict, injury, or dame [sic] to Trustee Hamilton.”

Investigation documents by Thrun Law Firm, P.C.

The full document can be read here.