LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — As former mid-Michigan Congressman Mike Rogers explores a possible run for the White House, he may disappoint some conservatives and some liberals for his position on two social issues: gay rights and gun safety.

Here’s a question you don’t get very often, what do former President Barack Obama, former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm and Rogers have in common?

They originally opposed gay marriage, yet all three changed their minds.

When the U.S. Supreme Court surprised the nation and embraced gay marriage in 2015, Rogers said he evolved.

“I do think people have evolved on this. I know I have. I have come a long way on this issue,” said Rogers.

Like his Democratic counterparts, Rogers concluded once it was the law of the land you could not go back.

“It would really be difficult to tell these people after 12 years, guess what the government has decided that is wrong and we’re going to break up your house and your marriage?” said Rogers. “I think this is wrong. The governor doesn’t have the right to do that.”

Rogers also agrees with the Democratic state Senate that voted last week, making it illegal to fire the LGBTQ+ community from their jobs or evict them from their homes.

While Rogers may have pleased some Democrats with those positions, they will not like his stand on their gun safety issues.

He supports background checks but on the host of bills Democrats are also pushing he doesn’t think they “fix the problem.”

“That’s exactly the worse way to make a law in the United State of America because you’re going to do something wrong, you’re going to poke somebody in the eye,” said Rogers. “This is the act of getting your fingers around somebody else’s throat when they do bills that don’t impact the issue.”

The pro-gun lobby argues guns are not the problem people are.

“Let’s stop all this and let’s look at the root causes,” continued Rogers.

Rogers believes the main issues are mental illness and the ability to “get folks off the streets.”

He ultimately thinks that more gun safety legislation is not the solution.