LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – A local tattoo parlor is working to turn the stigma of Friday the 13th around.

“It’s pretty traditional for tattoo shops to run $13 tattoo specials, $13 piercings,” said Corey Warren, owner of Ink Therapy.

That’s a saving in some cases of hundreds of dollars that hundreds of people are looking to cash in on.

Warren says this 3-day promotion brought in 250 people on the 12th, and with today’s showing he expects tomorrow to be packed.

“We’ve never had a turnout like this. It’s been great. We’ll see how many people we can get, but it will be a few hundred this weekend,” said Warren.

And while he expected hundreds of people to get in line, what he didn’t expect was this heat.

“We are passing out water all day for free, dum-dums, suckers, keep blood sugar up,” said Warren.

They also did what they could to prevent people from standing in the hot sun.

“It’s really nice that they did a signup sheet to give everyone the chance to wait in the shade instead of on hot asphalt and come back. It’s really keeping everyone safe,” said customer Heidi Schaetzl.

So while this Friday the 13th was still painful for some, Warren says he hopes it’s a good memory that leaves a permanent mark.