OKEMOS, Mich. (WLNS) — Americans are feeling the impact of the conflict in Ukraine financially when fueling up. Gas prices are expected to hit record highs in some states.

This comes after Russia launched an invasion of Ukraine. Russia is the second-largest oil producer, after the United States.

“We’ve already seen the prices in Michigan jump to $3.49,” said Petroleum expert, Patrick De Haan.

Here in mid-Michigan, drivers like Joseph Stevens, said gas was already expensive before Russia invaded Ukraine.

He said this latest price jump will take an even bigger chunk out of his wallet.

“$60 to $70 dollars just to fill up my tank,” Stevens said.

Stevens is not the only one feeling this way. Gas station attendant, Zuhair Jafar, said higher prices are also a concern for his customers.

“I’ve had at least five customers come in and ask if their prices are going up already. And so with all the expectation, I’m expecting it myself to go up,” Jafar said.

De Haan said at this rate, increases will be gradual and continue until the summer. He said whether prices continue to increase depends on if things get better or worse in Ukraine.

Michigan driver, Joe Kelly, said his concerns are less with gas prices and more with the safety of Ukrainians.

“I care more about the people in Ukraine than what’s going on at the pump. There are bombs going off and who knows I… we’re a touch away from a NATO Russian confrontation,” Kelly said.