GRAND LEDGE, Mich. (WLNS) — Researchers are now predicting this summer to be the best job market for teens in 15 years.

This comes as employers across the nation are struggling to fill many of their summer job positions, but that may soon change.

Researchers at a university out of Philadelphia predicted an average of 33% of ages 16-19, that will be employed each month from June through August.

60-year-old Shelia Cohoon, the owner of the Corner Cone Ice Cream Shop in Grand Ledge, says running a business without a full staff isn’t getting any easier.

Cohoon has been in the ice cream business for almost 20 years.

“Well I’m getting a little older so I can’t be here from morning to close,” Cohoon said. “It’s been hard because if you don’t have the staff then you have to be there.”

Cohoon is like many other employers in the U.S. who are being faced with a big challenge when it comes to hiring workers, finding them.

“It’s been kind of difficult,” Cohoon said. “Usually we get people that come in and ask for an application.”

However, researchers say that this summer, more teens such as, 17-year-old Alayna Scripter, might be able to save the day and help owners like Cohoon fill open positions.

“I feel like it would be a good job market for teens this summer because every place is just hiring and hiring,” Scripter said.

Scripter wants to take the opportunity the thriving job market is providing and is eager to get to work.

“I wanted to get a job last summer but couldn’t for a few reasons, so I’m looking forward to it this summer,” Scripter said.

Cohoon says she is desperate for help and hopes the summer job prediction becomes a reality. She’s also looking forward to better days ahead for her business.

“Happy customers and a happy workforce, and good business would be good,” Cohoon said. “So hopefully if anybody sees this they can come in and ask for an application.”