LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Friday’s news of an electric car battery plant coming to Lansing isn’t the only thing exciting workers. General Motors also announced that an investment of more than $500 million will be funneled into both the Lansing-Grand River and Lansing Delta plants.

UAW Local 602 President Mike Huerta said the investment will strengthen the partnership between the automaker, union leaders, and members.

“The new investment is a testament to the Lansing area UAW workforce, without them not a single wheel turns! Our nearly century-long partnership with GM shows the dedication of our membership and today I was proud to see the company acknowledge our hard work,” he said.

One employee said that the combined development and focus on green energy will mean growth for mid-Michigan.

“I’m a, you know, combustion engine kind of guy. It’s a little scary but it’s a little exciting at the same time. It’s like “Wow this is really happening”. I’m mainly excited for my community and how that will affect our community. I know it’s going to be a big plus for Lansing, a big plus,” said auto worker Alex Hernandez.

Huerta said the new battery plant will support the construction of two electric vehicles that will be made in other facilities.