LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – General Motors and Lansing Community College leaders say they want to invest in the next generation of auto workers.

GM and LCC officials say they want to strengthen the pipeline of employees trained in advanced auto technology. It comes at a time when other mid-Michigan business leaders are pushing to get high-tech jobs into the region.

The world of auto manufacturing has gotten more automated in recent years. That’s why plant leaders say it’s critical new employees can work with complex systems.

“As we look at this, as the technology is growing and the automation is increasing, that naturally demands a lot of technical resources in the industry. Not only in Lansing but in the total industry,” said GM LDT Plant Executive Director Satya Veerapeneni.

They say the first step is finding out how to best fit that training into the classroom. The company is investing a total of $600,000 to launch a year-long study with the help of the American Association of Community Colleges.

One of those campuses tapped is Lansing Community College.
LCC president Steve Robinson says the school has years of collaboration with the auto giant. LCC students and alumni have made their way into the plant’s 2,500 employees.

Tabatha Spedosk got her degree in psychology while working at the plant and uses that experience as a trainer. She says it’s exciting to see renewed investment around Lansing.

“I’ve been able to use my degree with LCC to make GM a better place and feel like I’m doing a better job. Not only that but at home and my personal relationships. I think it’s fantastic that we’re making people better,” she said.

Lansing isn’t the only community benefiting from this grant, there are six other community colleges located near plants that will benefit from this partnership.
The other partnered schools are in Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Kansas, Missouri and California.