GOP lawmakers want to end the ban on brass knuckles in Michigan


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Republicans in Lansing want to lift the state’s ban on certain melee weapons, including brass knuckles.

State law has a list of banned weapons including machine guns, silencers, and bombs. Selling or possessing any of them carries the same potential penalty of 5 years in prison.

Two state representatives introduced a pair of bills this week that would lift the ban on some of the items on that list which, while still potentially deadly, are less dangerous than machine guns. Under this bill, it would no longer be illegal to make, sell or possess:

  • Metallic knuckles, including brass knuckles
  • A billy or bludgeon, which are types of clubs
  • A blackjack, which is a short club, often made of leather and with a lead weight at the end
  • A sand club, a flexible bag weighted with something like sand that can be used as a club
  • A slungshot, which is a length of rope with a weight or heavy knot at one end

House Bill 4830 would lift the ban on these weapons. House Bill 4831 would eliminate the reference to them in the penal code. Both have been referred to the Committee on Judiciary.

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