East Lansing, Mich. (WLNS) — With the school year kicking back into gear, you might see more students riding scooters in East Lansing with the return of Gotcha E-scooters.

The mobility company announced today its e-scooters are returning after a winter hiatus and contract renewal.

Gotcha’s scooter share system is available to students beginning today.

Gotcha’s e-scooters will provide students with a safe and socially distant way to get around campus and East Lansing. The company has implemented new protocols to reduce exposure to COVID-19 while riding:

  • Implemented enhanced, and more frequent, cleaning of scooters using CDC-approved disinfectants
  • Briefed all employees on proper hygiene practices as recommended by the CDC
  • Made hand sanitizer and disinfectant products readily available in the warehouse
  • Ensured employees use hand sanitizer when retrieving and/or rebalancing scooters
  • Recommends all riders use hand sanitizer or proper handwashing practices before and after riding
  • Encourages riders to wear personal protective equipment like face masks while riding

The e-scooters will be available from 6:00am to 10:00pm. Riders can download the Gotcha Mobility app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to start riding. Scooters are available on a pay-as-you-go basis. It costs $1 to unlock a scooter and $0.20 for every minute of use. Students can also purchase a Monthly Spartan Mo-Pass subscription for $24.99, which includes one hour of ride time per unlock and $0.20 per minute after that while allowing riders to skip the usual unlock fees.

The company has added additional hubs on campus in parking lots 63 and 91 and Brody Hall. Hub locations near bus stops will assist riders if buses are full or if students aren’t comfortable riding in a confided space. Hub locations can be found in the Gotcha app and riders should park in designated parking hubs to avoid fees or charges.

Riders must be 18 years or older to ride and Gotcha encourages the use of a helmet while riding. The company recommends riding in bike lanes when available. Gotcha is committed to keeping riders safe and will continue to work with the university to provide socially distant transportation to students during COVID-19.

For more information on Gotcha’s e-scooter share program at Michigan State University, visit ridegotcha.com/locations/michigan-state.