WASHINGTON D.C. (WLNS) – Governor Gretchen Whitmer went before a U.S. Senate committee on on Environment and Public Works Wednesday to testify on the needs of new infrastructure across the nation.

Wednesday’s hearing called “Building Back Better” held a focus of climate change, improve equity, and transportation.

Whitmer ran her campaign on the promise to “Fix the damn roads” in light of poor conditions all across the state. The governor has spent time throughout her term attempting to strike a deal with the Republican-controlled Michigan Legislature to fund road repairs, but to date, no major package has been signed into law.

“It is important for me as the “Fix-the-Damn-Roads Governor” to start by saying that we need significant investments in our roadways and bridges. Without this significant investment, we struggle to remain competitive for businesses and families.” Said Whitmer in her prepared remarks. “According to TRIP, a national transportation research nonprofit, a total of 43 percent of Michigan’s major roads are in poor or mediocre condition and driving on deteriorated roads costs Michigan motorists $4.67 billion a year – $659 per motorist – in the form of additional repairs, accelerated vehicle depreciation, increased fuel consumption, and tire wear.”

The governor addressed her $3.5 billion bonding program called “Rebuilding Michigan”, which she says would help rebuild the state highways and bridges that are critical to the economy and carry the most traffic.

Whitmer went on to address the issue of climate change and pollution, saying she’s committed to climate sollutions.

“In industrial states like Michigan, we have seen the loss of jobs to automation, modernization, and market changes. But our economy is vibrant. Michigan is not just the auto capital of the world, we’re the advanced mobility leader. Since I was sworn into office, I’ve announced more than 11,400 new good-paying auto jobs. We’ve also committed to decarbonizing the state economy-wide by 2050 – and for the state that put the world of wheels – that means aggressively advancing the future of mobility and electrification. Mobility solutions are climate solutions. “

Read the governor’s full remarks here.