Howell groups come together for peaceful protest


Today, protesters took to the sidewalks of downtown Howell for different reasons, but shared in the same idea that people have the right to protest.

The Second Amendment Patriots say, they came today because they wanted to see protests remain peaceful without damage to businesses, or property.

“We just want everybody to have a good day in Howell, and enjoy this nice weather, and for nobody to get hurt. No businesses to get trashed, or anything like like,” said Member of the Second Amendment Patriots, Mark.

They also said they wanted to protect other protesters like Maria who says she came to put words into action in support for black lives.

“I’m just trying to do everything I can to make this country better, and I feel like so many people aren’t doing that, and that’s what drives me crazy,” said protester Maria.

There was concern from Howell police after an online post saying the city should be the first to burn, but protesters here today say they came to show that the people of Howell will not let that happen.

“I wanted to be out here to make sure that it was a peaceful protest, and that we are not allowing that to happen. That was the whole reason I came down here, and just show that we are supporting, and peaceful, and Howell is not going to be that kind of town anymore,” said Protester, Jim.        

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