Guilty: Verdict in at Kathie Klages trial


Kathie Klages was found guilty Friday of a felony and a misdemeanor in a courthouse where Larry Nassar was sentenced more than two years ago.

Some courtroom observers would say it’s a gamble to put a defendant on the witness stand and the move did not pay off for former Michigan State University gymnastics coach Kathie Klages.

After just hours of deliberation, a jury today found her guilty of two counts of lying to police officers during the Larry Nassar sexual assault investigation in 2018.

Klages took the stand as the final defense witness and, for about 45 minutes, told the court her account of the events surrounding the unveiling of the Nassar investigation and the impact on her gymnasts.

She told the court she has “no recollection” of a conversation in which two teen athletes allegedly told her of sexual abuse by sports doctor Larry Nassar in 1997, nearly 20 years before he was charged.

She says she was “shocked” when she first learned years later that one of the teens said she had previously told Klages about Nassar.

She faces up to four years in prison.

She’s the second person other than Nassar to be found guilty of charges related to his serial molestation of young women and girls under the guise of medical treatment.

It was a mix of emotions, with tears on both sides of the court room.

When the verdict dropped you could hear the gasps.

Some people feeling a sense of relief, others angry.

6 News caught up Larissa Boyce, who is Nassar survivor.

She says she is happy some justice has been served.

“I am glad that the enablers are being held accountable and I hope that it is showing the world we got to do better. we have to do better, MSU has to do better there needs to be policies in place that are actually followed… um… sexual assault needs to be taken seriously.” Said Larissa Boyce.

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