LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The gun lobby has launched a recall pressure campaign to oppose a gun safety bill package in the Michigan Legislature.

However, a key supporter of that package says that strategy won’t work.

The pro-gun lobby in Lansing said that if any legislator votes yes on the governor’s gun safety proposals, that lobby says those lawmakers will face a recall.

The last time a recall occurred was in 1982 when then Gov. Jim Blanchard raised the income tax and then Republican Sen. John Engler marshaled a recall campaign against two Democrats in the Senate.

When the dust settled from the recall, the Republicans beat the Democrats, recalled them, and that GOP control lasted for 40 years.

Democratic Senator Jeremy Moss says his side knew this recall thing might be coming.

“We always knew this could have been on the republican playbook. This is how they stole the majority from the democrats, as Tim mentioned, 40 years ago,” said Senator Jeremy Moss.

But the legislator thinks this time will be different.

Not only do students on college campuses favor the gun safety laws, but many of the proposals have majority support among the typical voters including gun owners, Moss asserted.

“The policy will produce good politics because I truly believe most of the state of Michigan, including responsible gun owners, are supportive of our efforts to reduce gun deaths and injuries in the state of Michigan,” said Moss.

The senator thinks just as the public rejected the loud voices urging a ‘no’ vote on Proposal 3, the same thing could happen to recalls on guns.

“I almost draw a parallel to Proposal 3 from last year. I think that the anti-abortion side of that issue was loud but it wasn’t where the population was and I think if they are going to try to recall us on these gun laws that we’re proposing, the population is not going to be there,” said Moss.

The State Senate opens hearings on the gun issue this week with the recall threat hanging over those talks.