LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Thursday was a big day for supporters of new gun laws in Michigan as Governor Whitmer signed six gun reform bills into law.

Mom Demand Action was just down the street asking lawmakers to do even more.

“I think it’s great I think it’s a long time coming and very needed. I think we need more laws,” said Gratia Lee.

Lee was one of the hundreds of people at the. She says being a mother motivated her to get involved and make a change.

“I’m sick of having to worry about my daughter when she goes to school. She is four years old and already has done the hiding the practicing and I think that is horrible and we shouldn’t be living like this,” she said.

Lee says today is a landmark day for gun activists as not only did six gun bills get signed into law. Another one got approved in the Michigan House of Representatives.

“Red flag” bills would allow law enforcement to take firearms away from peopled deemed dangerous.

“Guns are often in the hands of people who have mental health issues or background where they shouldn’t have guns. If we can enforce red flag laws or pose extreme risk protection orders then I think we can keep our communities even safer,” said Lee.

But even with the recent success, an organizer says there’s still plenty of work to do.

“We are going to tackle domestic violence abusers and make sure they cant get their hands on guns because that is a loophole right now. We got domestic violence prohibitor bill that we will focus on,’ said Celeste Kanpurwala, the Michigan Chapter Lead for Moms Demand Action.

Moms Demand Action says it wants to be clear, they don’t want your guns.

“Ultimately you know we aren’t antigun we are just anti-gun violence and we want to make the state and the country a safer place for people to live,” said Kanpurwala.