LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – How important is school safety to voters? That was one of the topics of discussion in front of the State Board of Education on Tuesday.

Some members of the Board saw the EPIC-MRA poll about Gun Safety Issues and Legislative Proposals and were surprised, especially when it came to gun safety.

A pollster from the polling group shared its findings with the Board today, of 600 people who were questioned across the state.

Some board members discussed how the questions were phrased and the context, saying that they could sway a person to answer a certain way. The pollster agreed that’s an important factor to consider.

State Superintendent Michael Rice said what sticks out the most is the overwhelming support for gun safety, ranging from democrats and republicans to gun owners.

“There’s a tremendous confluence of opinion around these eight elements, not on everything in fairness, well beyond what many might have thought prior to the poll,” Rice said.

One of those questions receiving a majority of support shows 90% are for background checks and 8% oppose it, with the other 2% remaining undecided. The EPIC-MRA poll has an error rate of 4 points.

Another topic of discussion at the meeting comes after a school board meeting in Dearborn went into recess Monday night after parents with signs started chanting in protest of certain books on library shelves. Those protesters claimed they were not against LGBTQ literature and were only there to protest sexually explicit books in schools. And it has reached all the way to the top of Michigan’s education system.

These efforts to ban books were also discussed at the State Board of Education meeting. Dozens of LGBTQ supporters were in attendance, urging the Board to push back against this form of censorship.

During public comment, gay rights advocates spoke about recent events, they talked about how schools are supposed to be safe spaces to create and learn, not somewhere that limits speech and ideas or bans books.

They also touched on how school staff should be able to confidentially talk to students if they come to them for help.

One person said adults are unfairly targeting the LGBTQ youth.

“We’re out here, you know, we’re doing things, you know you’re going to come into contact with us,” Logan Harding from ‘Stand With Trans’ said. “And I would much rather have people be able to learn and have a solid worldview by the time they leave school as opposed to becoming adults who don’t know anything about it and are hateful and stuck in their ways.”

Gubernatorial Candidate Tudor Dixon said she plans to “Look into banning pornographic books” if she wins.