EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — A letter from East Lansing Public Schools was sent out Wednesday morning, saying that elementary schools will no longer celebrate Valentine’s Day or Halloween.

The Elementary Principal Team cited families who did not celebrate Halloween, and children’s excitement over the spooky holiday making it difficult to learn.

As for Valentine’s Day, administrators stated that some families and students are uncomfortable with students celebrating “love”.

Brittany Bruens says she knows it’s been a tough year for kids, but also understands where the district is coming from.

“I know that it seems like we’re just taking one more thing from them but I think that it’s important that everything we do in schools is inclusive,” she said.

Tali Faris-Hylen is the president of the Marble School Community Council.

She says school officials didn’t talk to the council about the changes beforehand.

“I got the email along with everyone else yesterday afternoon and my initial thought was I am so proud to be a part of this district.”

Hayes intermediate school part of Grand Ledge Public Schools also says it will not be having Halloween, Christmas day, or Valentine’s day parties.

Instead, replacing them with cultural lessons and activities throughout the year.

East Lansing Mayor Jessy Gregg took to Facebook to comment on the situation. Gregg assured residents that no citywide Halloween festivities will be canceled.

Despite acknowledging the disappointment, the administrative team assured families that they will continue to offer “alternative days” throughout the school year.

A copy of the letter can be found below: