HASLETT, Mich. (WLNS)– Neighbors on Lake Lansing have gotten some upbeat homemade weather forecasts from a young meteorologist in the making.

Every morning, they can count on the sound of the waves, a little breeze and a quick forecast from Haslett High School freshman CJ Riemer. With school closed for the year, CJ keeps his mind fresh by telling people what to expect in his area with a few dance moves added in for good measure.

His mom Cheri says his passion for weather goes back to middle school, after he was inspired in science class.

“He just really took a liking to it, and then there was a YouTube on weather that he would just watch over and over again,” she says. “And then at Christmas we got him a weather station and he, you know, once we had this stay at home order we decided, hey let’s get this going.”

Using his at-home weather station and a website called Dark Sky, CJ creates forecasts that make people smile every day. Cheri says they’ve done even more to help with his confidence.

“A lot of it was to help him with speech and enunciating and helping people to understand him more and getting more conversational. And so this, all of those things have kind of come to light and that’s really been a blessing.”