LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — After two years of construction, Heritage Hall at the Michigan State Capitol is finally open to the public beginning Tuesday.

The building will offer a new entrance and 35,000 square feet of history.

This project goes back 30 years, when officials began restoring the building. They were seeking to take off wear and tear and get visitors into a new entry way, while helping to preserve the original history of the Capitol.

The project was delayed due to COVID-19 pandemic, but by July of 2020 it was well underway.

By removing the west stairway entrance on Ottawa Street and creating a new one, which will be seen as the main entrance, Heritage Hall will technically be beneath the state Capitol.

The building will offer people tours, space for legislative events and a skylight that shows the Capitol dome.

According to officials, restoring the Capitol to its original beauty has been underway for over 30 years, with this project costing more than $40 million.

While Tuesday is the soft opening, people can still go in and tour groups will begin soon.

“Please come down and check out what we’ve done,” said Rob Blackshaw, director at Michigan State Capitol Commission. “It is a soft opening, some of the details aren’t done yet, but help us perfect the process as we begin to prepare for the school kids when they arrive in September.”

While officials say Heritage Hall is not fully complete, it is open.