Hernia Awareness Month: types and symptoms to look for


Hernia Awareness Month

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — This month is Hernia Awareness Month, and the doctors at McLaren Hospital at Greater Lansing want to keep you informed on the types and symptoms of hernias.

A hernia is a weakness, or even hole in the abdominal wall. Hernias tend to lead to discomfort and pain, and even some symptoms that can become life-threatening if ignored over time.

McLaren Greater Lansing general surgeon Dr. Nicholas St.Hilaire, DO., spoke on the things one should look for if they believe they have a hernia,

“The most common types of abdominal-related hernias we see are in the umbilical and groin areas, or from a previous incision,” said Dr. St.Hilaire, DO. “Symptoms you may experience include feeling and/or seeing a bulge, often paired with pain or discomfort, and you will need to push back in from time to time.”

While a variety of factors can play into hernia development, professionals at McLaren Greater Lansing Hospital state that hernias tend to come from jobs that are more physically strenuous. Other things that can impact hernia development are: “family history, obesity, pregnancy, straining caused from physical exercise, coughing, and smoking, among others.”

Hernias do have the potential to get larger, even to the point where one might require immediate medical attention. Treatment options for hernias often include surgery, but in some cases, laparoscopic or robotic options may also be available.

When considering what is most important when it comes to hernia diagnosis, Dr. St. Hilaire states,

“Most importantly, contact your primary care physician and discuss what symptoms you are experiencing and when they started,” Dr. St.Hilaire said. “Most often, hernias can be diagnosed with a physical exam.”

In lieu of Hernia Awareness Month, McLaren Greater Lansing Hospital will be having a free hernia screening on June 24th, 2021. For more information regarding registration, click here.

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