JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS)—New research shows that in the past two weeks online searches for electric vehicles are up nearly 40 percent. Experts at Consumers Energy say it’s a trend that will continue.

“Our projection is that if we have 15,000 electric vehicles today in the communities that we serve, we are going to have one million by 2030,” said Media Relations Manager for Consumers Energy, Brian Wheeler.

Consumers Energy says the momentum is already underway. The state of Michigan has seen a 20 percent rise in EV’s registered in the last few years, and even with gas prices soaring experts say there are common misconceptions about going electric, starting with the cost.

“As you’re running you’re vehicle you’re paying less to power it up and you’re doing much less of a cost of maintenance, so over time and not too much time the cost of owning and operating an EV is much more affordable,” said Wheeler.

This is in part because there are thousands of fewer parts in the engine to maintain. Experts say a typical fully charged  battery will last nearly 300 miles, and soon the state will see even more fast charging locations.

“We’ve helped to put in over 200 public charging locations around the state in the last couple of years. Our plans are to put 200 more in place over the next two years, so we’re trying to build out that network to make sure that wherever you are going across the state you’ve got a convenient and affordable place to charge,” said Wheeler.

Adding the hope is that EV’s not only save people some cash, but also help out the environment.

“People can know that if they are committed to fighting climate change and protecting the environment that the energy you use is clean, it’s affordable and there are no tail pipe emissions from you vehicle.”

Consumers energy says right now they are offering rebates to help pay for home chargers up to 500 dollars.