HILLSDALE, Mich. (WLNS) — While there are still remnants of last week’s ice storm, for some people one thing is still missing, their power.

One couple says they went five days without electricity.

Even though they resorted to their generator, they were fed up with what they were being told.

The Hunt family in Hillsdale said they’ve been back and forth with Consumers Energy since last week.

They added that they’ve been given about a dozen different estimates of when they would get their electricity back. But none of those have been correct.

Bill Hunt and his family live in southern Michigan, a place that officials with Consumers Energy said was impacted more than others due to the ice storm.

Hunt said he received 11 updates from the electric company about estimates of when they could see their lights back on again.

“Our biggest issue is not that there’s a power outage. This happens…and we’re prepared. The problem is, is that, how do you tell me that we’re going to have power back on at a certain time or a certain day, when you haven’t even had a crew look at the problem yet,” Hunt said.  

He added that they’re not angry with the workers, just at how employees were sending him multiple wrong updates. He said he would rather be told that they’re unsure of when it would be fixed, instead of giving him false hope.

 “If you were to say, ‘Bill, we haven’t even seen this area yet…we don’t know. As soon as we get that information from our crews, we can then do that.’ But if you do that without that information, it’s just a lie because you don’t really know,” Hunt said.

Officials with Consumers Energy said it’s all hands on deck and they hope to have the lights back on for all their customers soon.

“We have 600 crews working on the system and we expect to have all the customers that were affected by the storm last week by the end of the day,” Consumers Energy Spokesperson Terry DeDoes said.

The company added that the more recent ice storm did set crews back a little bit in terms of restoring power.