LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — This season is projected to be the third busiest for Thanksgiving air travel, according to AAA.

Numbers are expected to climb as officials say more people are comfortable traveling, following the pandemic.

The Capitol Region International Airport is also anticipating it to be one of its busiest years to date.

The heaviest numbers of people will flood airports on Tuesday and Wednesday, as millions of Americans are traveling to make it back home for Thanksgiving.

While there are people traveling by plane, AAA says 89% of Thanksgiving travelers will drive to their destination.

“I think for Michigan, there is a big chunk of that, that will be driving,” said Katherine Japinga, Director of Marketing at Capital Region International Airport.

If you are flying, expect pricey airfare tickets as a result of higher fuel costs and staff shortages nationwide. As a result of these shortages, airlines are cutting back with fewer routes.

However, with adjustments made to fit the circumstances, officials don’t anticipate these issues creating any major delays or cancellations.

“I think they have done some of the things they need to accommodate the flights that they do have,” Japinga said.

Even though airlines are battling staffing problems, the airport says they’re stocked up on their end and ready to help out.

“Our staff is available and ready to go pretty much, we will do snow removal and all that kind of stuff,” Japinga said.

The airport isn’t too concerned about the snow piling up as the forecast is looking clear for the most part.

Officials say with it being the busiest time of the year, remember to arrive two hours before your departure.