UPDATE: (4/6) — Both staff members who were involved in a fight with a student at Holt High School Monday have been placed on administrative leave.

Holt Superintendent David G. Hornak made the announcement Wednesday in a new statement about the ‘physical altercation’ during a lunch break.

Hornak said the incident started when a ‘school contracted employee’ told a group of students to leave an area in the lunchroom. The district says that turned into an exchange of words, and both the staff member and the students involved said that racial slurs were aimed at each other.

Then Hornak says that a student who wasn’t involved initially hit a staff member in the face, and at that point another staff member ‘physically inserted themselves.’

In addition to the staff members being placed on administrative leave, the student who hit the staff member has been ‘removed from the building,’ Hornak said.

Hornak says the investigation is still ongoing.

“The District will consider possible academic, employment, and legal consequences for those involved,” Hornak said.

HOLT, Mich. (5:30 p.m.) — 6 News has obtained video of a fight between a Holt High School staff member and a student.

The video from Monday begins with at least one adult in a heated exchange with some students.

Then a student throws a punch and a fight ensues. Some students claim the fight was triggered by a racial slur.

One student said she is still in shock and disbelief that the whole incident happened.

“For her to go and assault a minor, that’s wrong on all points. He should not have punched that lady of course, but as adults they should know better than to insight and intimidate,” said Lexy Irving, a sophomore at Holt High School.

Irving says a group of students were heard using a racial slur amongst themselves when a member of the lunch staff told them to stop.

“So she went from behind the counter, up to them and kind of was yelling at them, in there face kind of thing. Which I think is completely unacceptable,” Irving said.

Then Irving says the slur was used again.

“She said ‘how would you like it if I called you…’ and then she said it, yeah,” Irving said. “One kid next to her, a guy, punches her in the face. And the other lunch lady, she comes in and she just starts beating on this kid. And she was, as far as I’m concerned, she was not involved in that interaction at all.”

One parent calls it unacceptable behavior from a staff member.

“What’s going on with our youth and our schools, and the people they’re hiring, you know what I’m saying, like that’s crazy,” said Duke Richardson, who’s child attends Holt. “You should be able to control yourself in these situations with kids, so I don’t know, it’s sad for everyone and it’s hard on everyone so that’s all there is really.”

The Ingham County Sheriff’s Office says a police report was filed, but referred any other comments to the school district.

The district would only release a written statement, saying safety is their highest priority and that they’re interviewing everyone to find out exactly what happened.