How can students return back to school safely? Chief Medical Executive Dr. Khaldun answers the questions


Health experts and Educators came together to talk about how kids can return to school safely.

Students will need a mask and have to practice social distancing, Chief Medical Executive Dr. Khaldun says this will help COVID-19 cases from jumping.

Many schools in Mid-Michigan, like Okemos, Lansing, East Lansing, Jackson, and Holt, will be doing virtual learning.

Some districts are giving parents the option on whether to do online or in-person schooling.

During a virtual town hall meeting, Dr. Khaldun said this virus can easily spread from person to person.

So if you are sending your kid back to school, you must follow the CDC guidelines, but not just at school, but at home as well.

Health experts say it can be done if it is done right.

But some parents are torn.

“I don’t know how schools are going to deal with it. I’m a former principal, how does an elementary with 600 kids keep everyone separate. Given transportation, lunchrooms, gym class, art. How do they do that effectively.” Richard Mikel, Granddaughter doing online school.

“I’m not real concerned about it. She is young enough where she only has to wear a mask in the hallway and at lunch and stuff. I rather her be in school with other kids than be homeschooled by herself. I don’t want to change up too many things for her.” Said Dylan Fansolaw, Sending daughter to in-person school.

More than 10,000 employees joined the town hall and many of them say they are scared to go back.

“They expressed fear and anger..they fear that they are being sent into classrooms of 30 plus kids that are nothing more than COVID-19 Petri dishes.” Said David Crim, Spokesperson for Michigan Education Association.

All school districts must have their plans into the state by August 15th.

If schools decide to do in-person learning, Dr. Khaldun says all districts must have the ability to do contact trace if any student or employee gets infected.

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