LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Governor Gretchen Whitmer showed part of her personality in her State of the State address Wednesday, as she used some serious language but sprinkled in some humor, and a pinch of goading too.

It’s the first time in 40 years that Michigan has a Democratic governor at the podium and a Democratically controlled House and Senate.

In her address, Whitmer was serious about passing gun safety measures, bringing Democrats to their feet with the loudest applause line of the night lasting nearly 30 seconds.

“The time for ‘thoughts and prayers’ is over,” said Whitmer.

Despite the Democratic standing ovation, the Republicans did not stand.

Whitmer also touched on protecting individual freedoms for everyone, pledging to go after jobs in other “bigoted” states that don’t agree with that idea as she looked into the camera.

“I’m looking at you Ohio and Indiana,” Whitmer said.

Republicans did not applaud, which made Whitmer get a little creative with a response.

“Alright, I thought Ohio State would get everyone up,” continued the governor.

She took another swipe at the Republicans for not standing regarding her proposal for daycare for every Michigan four-year-old.

“I know we might have different opinions here but I hope we can all get our arms around helping four-year-olds across Michigan.”

On a lighter note, Michigan State Basketball Coach Tom Izzo got two shout-outs from the governor.

“We are Michiganders and nothing gets in our way,” said Whitmer.

Nothing except perhaps the legislative process and the loyal opposition from time to time.