As COVID cases drop, cases of the flu are popping up around Michigan. And since more and more people are not wearing masks, the virus is more prevalent than it has been in a long time, especially with the end of spring break.

To help protect people from both, physician assistant Natalie Little recommends we take similar precautions we took to protect from COVID, so we won’t risk passing the flu on to others.

She told 6 News, “It’s always tricky because we’ve been focusing so much on COVID, that we start forgetting about things, like the flu.”

Little also says we should make sure to keep our guard up for COVID, even though cases are dropping, saying “if you’re at risk for getting sick, you’ve been around someone who’s been sick, or feeling a little unwell, even if it seems like allergies, then you should definitely mask up to protect others.”

She also encouraged people to get the flu vaccine, saying “we’re not seeing as many flu shots given.”

Little said it’s safe to get both the COVID and flu vaccines close together, and that there are other ways to protect yourself in addition to getting vaccinated, such as antivirals.