“Where there is darkness, know that lightness always wins.”

The words hang on the wall inside of the Jackson Giving Back to the Community office.

For founder Brenda Hughes, those are words she lives by now through helping families in need get free access to basic items during this challenging time. In the process, Brenda wants people to know that they are not alone.

“I just want people to know, I’m here because this is what I know, and this is what I do. Giving is me. Giving is such a beautiful thing,” said Founder Of Jackson Giving Back to the Community, Brenda Hughes.

For the lives she’s changed like Britany Marcia, her heart for giving isn’t a surprise because it’s what Brenda has done since she was a young woman.

“She doesn’t judge anybody based on what they have, or don’t have. You could see her walking down the street, and if she’s in Kroger sometimes, and somebody doesn’t have money to pay for their stuff, or their car doesn’t work so she’ll help pay for it, said Treasurer for Jackson Giving Back to the Community, Britany Marcia.

Brenda says she knows what it’s like to struggle because she’s been there herself.

“Let them know it’s ok. It’s ok. I was once that same person going to other places to get help myself. Just know that I am here to help,” said Hughes.            

A lot of the items were bought from Brenda herself.  Through this crisis, Brenda says if she can change the life of one person it will all be worth it.      

“It touches my heart knowing that if I just help one person, I made somebody’s day,” said Hughes.

If you are in need, or want to help Brenda’s mission by donating items visit the Jackson Michigan Giving Back to the Community Facebook page.