“I’m tired of sitting down, I want movement in the nation” peaceful protesters march in downtown Lansing


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)– Hundreds gathered in downtown Lansing to peacefully protest against police brutality following the fatal arrest of George Floyd.

“I’m here because I’m tired of sitting down, I want movement in the nation, period,” said Asad Donald.

“I feel like, everybody is talking, everybody is moving, everybody is doing something, we feel it. It’s energy, you can’t break energy,” said Melik Baldwin.

“I march for every, every black life that has ever felt, what I will never understand and I stand with them,” said Jody Andrades.

Different reasons to march, but with one unified message.

“All black lives matter,” said Andrades.

The group lied down in the middle of four different intersections down Michigan Ave. Many on their stomachs with their hands behind their back.

“I wanted everybody to be in solidarity with George Floyd, that moment where he was laying on the ground, and he was helpless, I wanted everybody to put themselves consciously decide to put themselves in his shoes,” said Paul Birdsong.

The group chanted ranged from “I can’t breathe,” to “loosen my handcuffs please,” and “George Floyd,” among many others.

“I feel the momentum, after Georges, death, I feel like that was that was the line you cannot cross anymore, so people in 2020 are making a change and literally putting an end to this,” said Baldwin.

Wednesday’s protest was peaceful, just days after a violent protest on Sunday.

“Whatever happened Sunday, it’s not going on everywhere, and that’s not what this is about,” said Britton Collier.

Andrades says she wants to keep promoting peaceful protests.

“To continue to keep the awareness as long as we can, you’re going to see the peace, you’re going to see the love, you’re not going to see the violence and the riots and the hate,” said Andrades.

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