LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — A big-name Republican who has held or run for a variety of offices in the state is thinking about running for the U.S. Senate.

Bill Schuette has done it all, from being a former member of Congress, a former state senator, a former state agriculture director, a former attorney general, a former candidate for governor, and in 1990, Schuette ran against Democrat Carl Levin for the U.S. Senate and lost.

Now with Democrat Debbie Stabenow retiring, is Schuette ready for another bite of the U.S. Senate apple?

Schuette said that the desire to run is “there all the time,” but the desire to run for this once-in-a-lifetime seat is one thing and actually pulling the trigger is quite another.

While he has made no official decision, sources close to Schuette suggest that right now, the U.S. Senate race is not his top priority.

Some will interrupt that to mean he will not run, but somebody who worked for eight years with him suggests, maybe Schuette waiting to be lobbied to run.

“Never say never until somebody says they are not running and shall not accept being drafted their name is on the table,” said GOP Consultant John Sellek. “Maybe he needs to be recruited a little bit more and what the outside forces are willing to do to back him up.”

With many Democrats coalescing behind Elissa Slotkin for the Stabenow seat, Schuette may be running out of time to get in.

“Less than a 100% commitment for running not going to cut it,” Sellek said.

Will he or won’t he? Stay tuned as they say.