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Is it COVID-19 or the flu? Jackson Doctors weigh in


JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS)—While there is concern this year that Covid-19 and the common flu could pack a double punch, some doctors are optimistic. 

Doctor Vivek Kak who has spent more than 20 years studying infectious diseases says, he’s hopeful that with more people staying at home flu season could be a mild one.

“The flu season is going to be different compared to the regular flu season due to the fact that we have masking going on, and a lot less outdoor community exposure,” said Infectious disease specialist for Henry Ford Health Systems, Dr. Vivek Kak.

Although since the symptoms of Covid-19 and the flu are so similar, many others, including doctor David Kolde are worried they won’t know exactly what they’re dealing with.

“Covid has certainly had a spectrum of symptoms. You know every body system can be potentially affected,” said Family Practice Physician, Henry Ford Health Systems, Dr. David Kolde.

However, he says the onset of the virus could be a telling sign to look out for when it comes to the flu.

“It hit me like that. You know that I woke up fine, had lunch went back to work and at 2:30 I just started feeling terrible. That is a pretty common story with influenza where as Covid it may be a little bit more insidious onset,” said Dr. Kolde.

The bad news? Doctors say it is possible to get both Covid-19, and the flu at the same time, and research from China he’s seen shows that obtaining both virus’s is common.

“An article came out that said 50% of their individuals that had Covid also had some other respiratory virus typically flu A and flu B,” said Dr. Kak.

That’s why both doctors say it is vital to get your flu vaccine.

“We know what Covid can do to some people right I mean there’s a spectrum of illness that we see. Influenza on top of that could really be a bad thing particularly for our people with chronic diseases,” said Dr. Kolde.                  

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