LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Residents in a south-side neighborhood are growing tired of what they’re calling a hoarding and trash problem. There’s a house on Osband that neighbors say has had piles of debris in its yard off and on for months.

Neighbors have said that city officials said it would be taken care by the end of last week, which has not happened yet.

Chad Cline has been a resident of Osband on the south side for more than three years and says he’s always been close with his neighbors. In recent months, the neighborhood hasn’t felt the same since a house up the street was taken over by what he calls ‘squatters’.

Trash can be seen piled up, scattered across the front yard, with everything from refrigerators and tires to broken glass and ripped clothing.

Cline has said that people will come every night to dump bags of trash in the yard; people who don’t even own the home.

They’re just basically I guess squatting there I guess you could call it. The city don’t seem to care, police department don’t seem to care … People living in there aren’t supposed to be in there”

Cline continues,

There’s people who pull up there and just will be sleeping in the car… passed out in the car …sleep there all day and even some of them have taken the initiative to go across the street and take a shower in the house then go back to their vehicle and start changing… partially in the car and partially out in the road so it’s… I don’t know what the situation is down there but it’s not good for the neighborhood.”

Brian McGrain, the City Director for Development and Planning has said that the city is aware of the situation and is going through its standard ticketing and enforcing procedure

My staff has been out there, we’ve found a number of violations we’ve written up. We’re aware that things haven’t happened and that we need to get somebody out there to address the situation.

Brian McGrain, City Director for Development and Planning

McGrain has said that the city has notified its contracted garbage collectors and expects them to handle the situation quote sometime soon, but in the meantime, the citations will go to the owner or landlord of the house.

Those who appear to be illegally staying in the home will not receive citations. Neighbors just hope that this can be enforced on a long-term basis.