Jackson city council to consider changing seal of Andrew Jackson


Should the city of Jackson change its longstanding seal, and logo of former president Andrew Jackson?

Mayor Derek Dobies says he’s heard from several people ready for a change.

“If there are enough people that are interested in seeing the seal changed, then I think the council would move forward with that process,” said Mayor Dobies.

President Jackson was an army general admired for his fight in support of the common man, but he was slave owner. For some who say they condemn racism, they believe the logo should stay.

“In the past ya I mean he was a slave owner, he did fight in the civil war for the south, but it’s still Jackson, so why change the logo,” said lifelong Jackson Resident, Robert Patefield.

Others say it’s time for a change.

“It never really meant much to me to begin with, so if they changed it I would have a little bit of more respect for Jackson as a community, said Student and Jackson Resident, Olyvia Farler.     

Mayor Dobies says, he supports the idea of changing the seal, while still reflecting on the history of the city of Jackson.

“I kind of like the ideas of having an oak tree to represent the Oaks park, and the founding of the Republican party here in Jackson. I think if we are looking to lift up individuals I think Austin Blair is a great person to  recognize.”

Blair was the Governor of Michigan during the civil war. He was from Jackson, and he was a leading voice in favor of women being able to vote, and someone who the mayor says, better represents the city today.

The city is set to bring this up at tomorrow’s city council meeting. 

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