Jackson College to start off with limited in-person training labs, alongside online learning


Jackson College leaders say, when it comes to returning to learning, they want to crawl before they walk. As a school that often prioritizes hands-on learning from nursing to trade skills, that can be a little challenging in today’s environment. To help, they created a new task force to decide what classes had to be in person, and how to make them safe.

“Which ones could not be replicated in an effective, and proper way virtually? And decide what those were, and reconstruct those spaces so that students could come in small numbers maybe four or two at a time, and have those clinical, and hands on, and those professional trade experiences,” said President, and CEO of Jackson College, Dr. Daniel J. Phelan.

Safety measures include a check point that every person must go through before they even get on campus. At that point, they are medically screened, and mark down what building they will be going to for future contact tracing. Masks are mandatory with distancing measures in place. Housing will also be available at fifty percent capacity.

“Every student has their own private bathroom, and their own private bedroom with a lockable door, so we are being very focused on safety, and security,” said Phelan.

The schools says, they will monitor how the labs are going, then decide if they can add even more classes.

“How is it working with housing? How is it working with ground base labs? If that all works well, and students have adapted to the new reality what we are dealing with these safety protocols on campus we’ll begin experimenting with these ground base lecture courses,” said Phelan.

Classes would include introductory courses, and be limited to around 16 students in a lecture hall that can hold more than a hundred people. They hope to start these classes on September 21st.

Online courses will go on as scheduled.

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