JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – For Myeshia Jones, giving back means more when it’s done in her community and in the place she’s dedicated her life to serving.

“Jackson just has my heart,” said member of Residents in Action, Myeshia Jones.

The group started with a vision to be there for those in need.

“Of making our community vibrant, making our community healthy. Really helping the black and brown populations, the at-risk populations. The populations that kind of had been forgotten,” said Jones.

Together, more than 40 non-profits, businesses and Jackson groups teamed up to help people get connected with resources and support, including everything from help with employment and transportation to health care and basic needs items.

“It takes a village. It takes an entire community to tackle this problem. It’s not one person’s responsibility but we as leaders and folks that have the resources, we must come together so that we can really eliminate homelessness in Jackson,” said Jones.

The group also recently helped people living on the streets get out of the cold and into nearby hotels. Jackson mayor Daniel Mahoney says he’s proud of the work being done.

“I think the city of Jackson owes a great deal of thanks to Residents in Action with the homeless project that they were a part of and having the heart to continue the work,” said Mahoney.

Jones says it’s work that’s inspiring a new dream.

“That all of our organizations go out of business because folks are doing so well that they no longer need us and that will be beautiful.”