JACKSON COUNTY, Mich. (WLNS)—For more than forty years Joanne Darling’s called a Rives Junction farm home, but an April barn fire changed her life. 

“It burned the pole and took out the electricity,” said Darling.

Power that months later is still not fully restored. She’s calling on Consumers Energy for help. Darling says two days after the fire an electrician provided a temporary fix for her and her 92 year old husband. They’re getting some power by running these lines to her neighbors house. The line is connected from her fuse box to her neighbors. It’s causing not only growing concerns, but frustration.

“We have to be careful of the power that we use and then it also runs our well which is for three families.”

Darling says they also are not able to do laundry or cook at the same time.

“I turn the toaster on and I turn the coffee pot off. You know and I haven’t used my dryer at all. I’ve just been doing a few loads of laundry.”

She’s also concerned about using too much power that would impact her neighbors breathing machines.

“We just have to be careful because they have CPAP machines so we got to make sure that their power stays on.”

Darling says they were told they were a priority. She understands it’s a complicated process but feels left behind by everyone

“Priority should be up here not eleven weeks later. I think it should go faster than that.”

A Consumers Energy spokesperson tells us in order to move forward the families electrician needs to prepare the site for underground service, and then they can work together for a redesign to go from overhead to underground.