JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – It’s being called a place of hope for people struggling with substance abuse. On Wildwood Avenue in Jackson, a crisis center is meeting people right where they are, and when they need it most.

“I’ve hit my bottoms and they’ve helped me to know that I’m important and that I still deserve to be here,” said one man staying at the home.

For Daniel, homelessness and drug use are both struggles he says he’s working to face. It’s a battle that here he’s getting the support to help fight.

“They give me a chance to know that there is still hope out there for people.”

It’s part of what the organization Home of New Vision calls a short-term intervention center. It’s a place for people to come and get immediate help, and it’s something director Heather Williams says is needed.

“Historically anyone trying to access substance use services, they would experience long waitlists for treatment and there wasn’t a safe crisis intervention center that they could go to that day and get in, have a safe warm welcome place where the staff where the staff really loved and cared about them,” said Williams.

The home can host up to eight people. Each guest will first go through a screening and then the work begins with help from professionals on-site to create a recovery plan.

“Whether it’s treatment or housing or food, or medical assistance, or mental health assistance. We work with them to link them to the resources in the community to make sure that all their needs are met,” said Williams.

Services that now are also on the go. A new mobile unit will start to meet people throughout Jackson.

“It’s important to meet people where they are and build those relationships, a trusting relationship so that they can engage in treatment or engage in whatever form of recovery they define,” said Program Manager for JXN Harm Reduction, Branda Paige.

And in this home, it’s a light on for Daniel and a place to show him that recovery is possible.

Would you say that this place saved your life?

“It’s continuing to save my life.”

For ways to access support, there is a link below.

Home of New Vision – Your Choice for Recovery and Change