JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – When Mike Hirst first got the idea to build Andy’s place back in 2016, he knew it would make an impact on people struggling with drug addiction. He’d seen the need for resources and support up close from his son.

“He said you know dad I just don’t have a purpose in this world. I mean that’s how far down he had drilled himself,” said Founder of Andy’s Place, Mike Hirst.

In honor of his son Andy who passed away from an overdose, he led the mission to create this Jackson housing complex. It’s giving people a safe space to stay and live with their families while providing them a place they can recover, heal and get the resources they need to stay clean.

“What we are trying to provide here is a landing zone that takes all the stresses of everyday life away from everybody here so they can focus on their recovery,” said Hirst.

It’s a home Denise Cross says she so desperately needed.

“I could not stay out of jail. I stayed around the wrong people, places, things. I didn’t have any hope,” said Cross.

Now clean, she’s ready to help others who come through the doors.

“It’s building a family that a lot of people that a lot of people that come in here don’t have,” said Cross.

Soon the mission is growing to help even more people. This week Andy’s place received approval to start on phase two. It’s an eight-million-dollar project that will house pregnant women currently behind bars in the court system.

“We’d like to get them in a clean safe environment, make sure they are provided for properly and we are really interested in not only saving that mom, but we really want to save that child,” said Hirst.

There will also be another building next door with additional units.

“What we want to do is take people who are really serious about getting better,” said Hirst.

Construction is expected to start this year. Hirst knows Andy is looking down proud of the purpose and legacy that continues to grow.

“If he would have had a chance to come here. He would have been a leader in this community right here, and that’s what we are, we are a community within a community.”