JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) — Beginning Thursday, the Jackson Fire Department will be offering the community free car seat checks, as fatality numbers have increased from the seats not being installed properly.

The Car Seat Check-Up will start at 12:30 p.m. and be held at Jackson Fire Department’s Central Station.

The department is putting this event on as a way to help the community and children stay safe, especially when traveling.

According to Jackson firefighters, there have been numerous kids being transported unsafely on the roads. Firefighters say in some counties this number of unsafe kids even reaches 90%.

“With them being our future, we gotta make sure they have every chance to be just as safe as we are when traveling. Seat Belts aren’t made for children, you know they are made for us, so we got to have them in car seats or booster seats at different levels depending on their age, height, and weight. So we just really want to make sure they are as safe as possible.”

Firefighter Matt Jabkiewicz

On Thursday, firefighters will show and educate the public on how to properly install car seats to help keep kids safe.

Crews will ensure the car seat is working right, fastened to the car correctly, and is a safe fit for the

If an expecting mother comes to the event, crews will have baby dolls to use for demonstration when strapping the child in.

Crews have been trained on car seat safety from Bronson Wellness Center and the Safe Kids Coalition of greater South Haven.

The fire department will also have approximately 20 additional car seats that they will give away to those in serious need.

“It’s going to be education based. We will show them how to use a car seat, how to install it. There is multiple reasons why a family will get a car seat, you know if they don’t have one to begin with and they need them, or if their car seat is expired, broken, damaged, or it doesn’t fit the child anymore. Hopefully we will still have enough car seats left to give them.”

Firefighter Matt Jabkiewicz