Jackson man helps people find “Recovery Out Loud”


JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS)—“We’re just everyday people. I think America loves a Rocky story,” said Adam Grant.

Adam Grant is a leader for the Home of New Vision, a group dedicated to bridging the gap between addiction and recovery through education, advocacy, and awareness. And for him, it’s personal. he knows the stigma that comes with battling addiction—he’s lived it.

“A lot of times we have labeled ourselves as addicts. Or someone how broken.”

That’s why today was all about echoing a different voice. One built on power in the community with a new slogan.

“Recovering out loud is about saying I’m here.  I’m in recovery. And I love my people,” said Grant.

In a wave of purple hundreds marched downtown, with some supporting others in recovery. While others celebrating how far they’ve come. People like Shannon Abbo.

“It was just getting honest with myself about what the events that even led me to where I was. So, probably getting honest with myself and willing to make the changes that needed to be made but once I did that then everything started flowing,” said Abbo.

It’s a change Abbo says she’s seen in every area of her life.

“When I was in addiction or when I was even from a young age I don’t ever remember planning for a future or what my future might look like and now I just have goals and aspirations and I’m doing all kinds of things that I never thought I would do.”

Dreams she’s turned to action. Alongside Grant, she’s now a coach helping others find their own path.
For Grant, he says he hopes people take away that they are not alone, and that this place is one of second and third chances.

“We all have a worth, and I think that’s what the concept of recovery is.”

Adding if his younger self, a man he calls a hot mess could see where he’s at today— he’d be in awe.

“I’m proud of myself, so that would be the main thing. He wouldn’t believe it but he’d be proud of me too.”

Grant and Abbo hope their stories help others to reach out, and not be ashamed of where they are now because there are better days ahead.

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