Jackson man makes it his mission to help clean up the city


Parking lots, and back roads littered with trash. For Steven Gilbert, it’s a familiar sight.

“As I came up to this parking lot every day I got irritated. I saw all the trash, and I just couldn’t believe that people would leave their trash like this,” said Gilbert.                   

So Steven decided to do something.

“I came down here with one bag, and it was too much work for one person. So my friends said, well put it on Facebook, and see if people will join you,” said Gilbert.                 

And they did. People of all ages showed up to give Steven a hand.

Recent graduate, and life long Jackson resident Natalie Anderson says, she wants to use this unique, and challenging time to try to make a difference in the city she calls home.

“I think there is life in this time because like everybody is so freaked out like we don’t have hope, and we are all isolated, but really we can be together, and we can hang out, and we can do something  productive,” said Anderson.

Steven says, he wants all of Michigan to get on board.

“Maybe I could challenge the city of Lansing, maybe we could challenge the city of Grand Rapids,  maybe Detroit, maybe Saginaw, Flint, and get other communities to do the same thing because I’m sure trash isn’t just here in Jackson,” said Gilbert.          

For now, Steven says, he hopes to start doing this every Wednesday in a different part of the city. He will soon release where their next spot will be. For updates go to the link below. 


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