JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS)—Old paint is fading away on vacant storefront’s along Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Jackson. For neighbors like Larry Westbrook, it’s been a sight for sore eyes for far too long.

“It’s kind of just more like ok that buildings been sitting here for years and we are just going to let it sit there and you know just like some of these houses and stuff. They just let some of this stuff sit here and it just kind of honestly it just kind of goes unnoticed,” said Westbrook.

Jackson Mayor Daniel Mahoney remembers walking down this street when it looked much different. This spot was once a grocery store. He says decades of disinvestment led the area to where it is today. It’s something he wants to see change.

“There is a huge need for just a total reinvestment in this part of the community from all aspects,” said Mahoney.

That’s why a city led team is working on a new proposal to expand efforts and bring more tax revenue to be used to revitalize here and surrounding areas. The ultimate hope is to turn this run down block to something like this. But first Mahoney says he wants to see a new focus on infrastructure. Mahoney say,s it’s a method that helped revive downtown.

“As far as repairing the streets, repairing the curbs and gutters and the underground infrastructure, making sure that those things are in proper order, so we can start doing some economic development attraction,” said Mahoney.

That means seeking investors. City officials say they are working on that right now. Adding, they’d like to see things that have been missing for decades, like a grocery store. Westbrook says it’s time for the people in this community to come together with new ideas.

“I feel like you have a lot of creativity here, but if everybody would just come together and just put all their ideas in one pot, and just try to make it flourish.”

The city is planning two public meetings on the area starting next Tuesday.