Jackson molding company making 3,000 face shields a day


A Jackson company known for shipping car parts worldwide, is now also creating more than 3,000 face masks a day.

Anita-Maria Quillen is the President, and CEO of Diversified Engineering, and Plastics in Jackson. She says, when the pandemic began they started getting calls asking if they could use their expertise in the auto industry to help health care workers in the fight against covid-19. So her design team got to work, and put mask making to the front of the line.

“We were really focused on the local needs, within the state of Michigan, and just Jackson County because there were so many individuals that were calling, and contacting us that were just unable to procure any type of proper PPE, in particular face shields,” said CEO of Diversified Engineering, and plastics, Anita-Maria Quillen.

The company is helping provide shields for hospitals around the state, along with local businesses like hair stylists, grocery stores, and dentists. They also partnered with Consumers Energy as well as another family-owned business called the ‘Green Glove Dryer’ to manufacture an Eco-friendly dryer that will help schools sanitize gloves.

“A lot of bacteria lives in gloves, and a lot of children they are wet and soggy, and they take hours to actually dry in a normal dryer, this increases it, and you can throw it in overnight, or during lunch break, or when they come back from lunch, and they are dry within a couple of hours, and it kills the viruses and bacteria that grows in there,” said Quillen.

Being a local company, Quillen says, they are able to provide for their community quickly.

“If there is something that we are passionate about, and we feel we can provide a resource, and assist others in need, we’re able to turn around within a couple weeks.”

The company says they remain proactive, and ready to come up with new materials when needed. 

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