Jackson Public Schools will be returning to the classroom, at least part of the time. There will be two days a week in person, and three days learning from home. The Superintendent calls it a hybrid plan.

“The blended model, or that flipped classroom model is one where students still come to school a couple of days of the week to receive that practice,that work towards mastery,” said Jackson Public Schools Superintendent, Jeff Beal.

Students will be separated into two groups. One will go Monday, and Tuesday, and the other Thursday, and Friday. Wednesday will be used as a day for teachers to plan, and for the building to be cleaned.

Schools will provide each student with a mobile learning device, like an Ipad, or Chromebook in hopes of making the transition a little easier.

“There will be videos there will be lessons there will be assessments that will go into this,” said Beal.

The district also knows that many students don’t have access to high speed internet, so students will be able to downloaded lessons at school, and work offline.

“The ability to come to school, and in the background, while you’re here upload, and download (lessons) using our high speed internet eliminates the necessary need for internet at the household,” said Beal.

The superintendent says, the plans will be developed, and driven by teachers.

“I want the kids involved with their teachers, so that when they come in. They get the help that their teacher is really prescribing.” 

The district also says it will have safety measures in place, including physical distancing in the classroom, deep cleaning, and mandatory masks.