JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS)—The City of Jackson is teaming up with the Jackson Housing Commission to bring new life to areas like Reed Manor. It’s part of a plan to bring more affordable housing to downtown

“What that’s going to look like long term is replacing Reed Manor with other affordable housing options in the downtown area,” said Public Information Officer for the City of Jackson, Aaron Dimick.

Officials say there is still a ways to go before anything is finalized. Developers say along with new housing options, it’s also about creating a new look for the entire neighborhood.

“Whether that’s parks or open spaces, streets. What can we do to improve the actual physical kind of quality of the neighborhood,” said Senior Planner on the project, Patrick Brunner.

This comes as people who live in the area tell 6 news crime is an issue here. They believe this is partially because of the closed-off design of the area, but parts of the community of buildings are also more than 50 years old. The hope is upgrades will create a space more open to things like transportation and community services.

“We find that our communities thrive when you have people of a lot of different incomes living together. That’s when you are going to see more businesses. That’s where you are going to see people collaborating more,” said Dimick.

Before any plans are made the city is looking for community input.

“It could be something like a high rise, it could be town homes. It could be rehabbing existing homes. We really want to hear from people in the community as to what kind of affordable houses options they’d like to see downtown,” said Dimick.

The first chance to let the city know what you would like to see happen is next Thursday at Reed Manor at 5pm and then on Friday, June 17th from 9am to 2:30pm at the Grand River Farmers’ market.