JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – “I am an outcome of what people think can’t happen when you were once really the only word I could think of was a failure.”

Salena Taylor remembers what it was like to be a young mom struggling to get by and thinking that she wasn’t good enough.

“Having multiple children. Living in poverty, not having enough for this that and the other,” she said.

All while fighting breast cancer.

“With my children being very small with me not being able to work.”

But out of the pain and healing from cancer, her purpose would start to grow in her community.

It’s one that now years later is not hard to miss as thousands of diapers fill her organization, Partial to Girls, distribution center.

It’s become a surplus of baby supplies ready to go to hundreds of moms in need every week.

Taylor says for her the mission is simple: to not leave any baby or mom behind.

“Whatever needs you bring to us as an organization of women we do whatever it takes to help you,” she said.

And right now that also means helping with a baby formula shortage she says she’s still seeing with several formulas.

“We’ve been keeping up. We’ve been helping families and we’ve been standing in the gaps filling in and helping to feed the babies,” she said.

Taylor says the group’s work doesn’t stop here. They are taking requests both big and small to help families when they need it most.

“We’ve done whatever it takes behind the scenes. We’ve gotten women off the streets. We’ve gotten women into shelters. We’ve gotten emergencies handled out here.”

Taylor says she’s come a long way from who she thought she once was. Knowing a struggle yesterday or today doesn’t mean failure.

With every diaper she stacks, she knows her work is just getting started.

“Surviving that, surviving that breast cancer and knowing that being alive today is a big factor and I just want to give back everything that I do have left and that’s another reason why I work so hard to keep the work that I do going,” Taylor said.

If you are in need. The group says the best thing you can do is to go to her Facebook page.