When the shutdown began the Jackson YMCA immediately shifted the buildings activities to help feed the thousands of kids out of school, but her team realized there was a need to reach even more people.

“There were adults that needed food. There were adults, and children that needed personal care items, infant items, household cleaning supplies,” said Jackson YMCA CEO, Shawna Tello.

Tello, and her team decided to do more, by creating a one stop shop offering free meals, and emergency items every day from 11 am to 1 pm in the Franklin, and Wesley alley behind the YMCA. 

“You just pull up. You don’t need to have anything with you. A few people have said oh do I need to have an ID, or proof of income or anything like that? No we are here purely to serve people,” said Tello.

The meals are all pre-sanitized, and packaged. Each day they help serve hundreds of families. Everything is done through a partnership from the United Way, Jackson Community Foundation, and Compassionate Ministries of Jackson County.  Tello says, the community response is inspiring.

“In such a short time so many people have rallied together to help one another.”

The need is still here to purchase more supplies through the Jackson Community Action Network.

“We’re recommending that financial donations be directed to JCAN, and we can save a lot of money that way in purchasing.”                  

The YMCA says even if you don’t have a way of getting here they will still deliver to your house. They just ask that you call between 9 am, and 1 pm.