LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Not many people would want to spend their Sunday biking from Detroit to Lansing. Not many people would want to spend over a week biking from New York City to Chicago.

Well, that’s exactly what Jake Mintz, 25, co-host of the popular podcast ‘Baseball BBQ’, is doing.

Mintz spent the first day of August biking 99 miles from Detroit to Jackson Field in Lansing. It was a struggle at times, but Mintz made it to the home of the Lansing Lugnuts just before 3 p.m., after starting the trip a few minutes before 6 a.m.

“The wind was just howling from the Northwest to the Southeast, and because I was coming from Detroit, I was going right into it,” Mintz said. “I had two flat tires today, and I made very slow time.”

Mintz does his podcast with Jordan Shusterman, who was there waiting for his co-host once he arrived during the fourth inning of the Lugnuts’ game versus the Fort Wayne Tin Caps.

The reason behind Mintz making this 1,200 miles biking journey is because of something he said on his back in October.

“When the first rumors about Tony La Russo maybe being hired by the Chicago White Sox came out, I was incredulous. There’s no way they’re going to hire him. He’s 76 years old. He hasn’t managed in a decade,” Mintz said. “If they hire him, I will walk to Chicago, is what I said. Then they hired him, and I’m not walking because there is no way, and so I’m biking instead.”

Along with their podcast, the two are the creators of the Twitter page ‘Céspedes Family BBQ’, which has over 120,000 followers currently. With that platform, the two started using an app that allowed their followers to track exactly where Mintz is, on his biking journey.

“Some people have found me on the trail, and one person rode with me for 40 miles, which was really cool, back in Toledo. Today, someone found me near the golf course, right next to campus in East Lansing. He was like ‘Hey, man you’re doing great,’ I was like ‘You’re doing great,'” Mintz said. “That’s a huge mental boost when you’re by yourself.”

On top of it all, the two are using the biking journey to raise money for an organization called Lost Boyz Inc., which is a baseball and softball organization on the South Side of Chicago.

“I got set up with them through a mutual friend of mine, who’s from the area,” Mintz said. “They do a lot of great work. A lot of kids in that community don’t have the ability to afford baseball and softball equipment, something as a kid I took for granted when I was growing up. With the money we’ve raised so far, which is over $20,000, they’re going to be able to send all those kids on a trip to Cooperstown, New York next summer to go visit the Hall of Fame.

Mintz and Shusterman work with Major League Baseball and make multiple appearances on ‘MLB on Fox,’.