LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – A Michigan judge has ordered the immediate release of investigatory evidence and files from the Oxford school shooting to a law firm that represents victims and families of the shooting.

Ven Johnson Law represents six Oxford students and five families, including Tate Myre and Justin Shilling, who were killed during the shooting.

The ruling released the evidence and files to the Ven Johnson law firm.

“Yesterday, we submitted a proposed written order that fully embodied Judge Rae Lee Chabot’s ruling regarding the release of evidence by Oakland Community Schools, Oakland County/Oakland County Sheriff’s Department. This morning, the judge signed the order, hence “entered” it, making it an official court order. We fully expect that Oxford Community Schools, Oakland County/Oakland County Sheriff’s Office will fully comply with the law and Judge Chabot’s order. Our clients have waited over seven months to see the full and complete investigation with their own eyes; that’s long enough,”

Attorney Ven Johnson