Jury to Jacob Ficher: Guilty of murder


27-year-old Jacob Ficher is guilty of the murder of 35-year-old Ammar Al-Yasari.

Tuesday afternoon, the jury deliberated just over two hours before returning the guilty verdict. Ficher was guilty on two charges: First-degree premeditated murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder.

Al-Yasari was killed in his home on February 4th in Holt. After a two-week-long jury trial, the jury heard closing arguments on Tuesday.

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Bill Crino called the murder “senseless” and “brutal.”

“Ammar Al-Yasari sustained 24 chop wounds to his head his neck and his face. He was hit from back to front. He was hit from front to back, left to right, right to left, upward, and even downward into his face. Ammar’s head was like a bag of legos in his hand, that’s how fractured, that’s how destroyed his skull was,” Crino said in his closing argument.

Ficher had a relationship with Ammar Al-Yasari’s wife, B’Dour Al-Yasari, at the time of the murder. On Monday, Nov. 19th, Ficher testified in his trial and admitted to the crime.

B’Dour Al-Yasari is facing murder charges as well.

Ficher’s defense attorney, Stephen Cornish, also took the stand this morning.

“I’m asking you to find him guilty of what he did. That’s voluntary manslaughter. What he did was wrong,” Cornish said.

Cornish said Ficher acted out of anger towards Ammar.

“This guy in my client’s mind had been beating his wife. My client’s belief was that this guy had been raping her so he went over to this house to confront this man, to scare this man,” Cornish said adding, “A reasonable person would have acted on that impulse.”

Crino countered Cornish’s argument by saying there was no evidence to suggest that Bdour Al-Yasar was being abused and that “Even if she was being mistreated, that in no way legally or otherwise justifies, explains, excuses, or allows the type of egregious violence that this defendant took upon himself to commit,” Crino said.

As for Ammar’s family, Crino said he’s happy to see some justice in the case.

“They’re very emotional. They’re very pleased with the verdict that some measure of justice has been brought to their family but it doesn’t bring back their loved one,” Crino said.

Ficher will be sentenced on January 8th, 2020.

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