Land bank to construct 9 modular homes in Grand Rapids

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (AP) - A western Michigan land bank plans to build at least nine modular homes on vacant properties across Grand Rapids.
Kent County Land Bank Director David Allen announced the modular homes last week to address the local affordable housing shortage. He says the agency, which changed its name to "InnovaLaB," could sell the homes at 30 percent lower than comparable stick-built homes in the market.
The construction will offer "workforce housing" for income earners who are out-priced by their area's housing market.
Modular homes are made in a factory, delivered and then installed on a foundation.
InnovaLaB and Champion Homes are in the process of installing three homes. Allen says he plans to order six more soon.
He says buyers will be able to choose from about 25 modular home designs with customizable features.

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